Let's Gdańsk!

The sun is out and we’re in that wonderful part of the year when the spring and summer are all before us. It’s a peculiar thing living in a country which typically has such harsh winters (although the one just past was anything but harsh) but the first sign of the sun and of the colour of spring has a visible effect on everyone around.

Smiles become more visible and there’s a clear spring in most people’s step. And it’s not just the population that become more accessible – so does the city for the foreign visitor. Famous sights either extend their opening hours or in some cases actually wake up, like a hibernating bear fresh from a winter’s rest.

We’ve coaxed the information out of all of them and put them together here for you to use as you decide fit. We’ve found a bunch of new and exciting places for you to visit or spend money at in GdanskSopot and Gdynia and in some cases we have literally been left agog. One of the Poland’s huge advantages at the moment is that so much is new and modern – whether you’re talking about places to sleep in, eat at or visit.

And at prices which one Scandinavian friends recently described as ‘wonderful’ you get the best of all world’s - a place with a wonderful history; top-notch accommodation; sometimes great food; fantastic bars and clubs that stay open longer than is probably safe for your head and with more and more things to do and see than ever before at prices that are more likely to get the bank calling you because of the unusually low activity on your account. Get out there and enjoy it.

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