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There was a time when Gdansk's nightlife seemed a bit limited but that’s changed. While Sopot is recognised as the Tri-city's party town there are more than enough good bars and the odd club which will keep you in town.


Try the beers brewed on-site at Brovarnia, and you won’t find a better brewed pint in the city. More local juice can be found at Flisak 76, Amsterdam Bar and anywhere else selling the non-pasteurised Żywe beer or the other Amber Brewery range of local beers.
For a taste of local hedonism, and a cross-section of the weirdest characters in Gdansk, then fight through the crowds who gather at Cafe Absinthe. Or explore what’s left of the famous shipyards by heading over to Buffet.


Start in Degustatornia Dom Piwa, a lively pub featuring over 100 world beers. Buddha is a late hours favourite, and the staff well familiar with slurred proposals from smitten stags. If you don’t get anywhere then try one of the meat market clubs like Parlament. Failing that head to Kabaret Ewan for a guaranteed rub with the local talent.


For something really picturesque take an evening stroll down ul. Mariacka and stop for a nightcap either in Cafe Kamienica or the nearby Wine Bar Literacka. Cocktails (often spelt coctail in Polish) are all the rage so another recommendation for Flisak 76 who are leading the way and still offering some of the best.


Go five star and set up shop in the Hilton’s ground floor bar F°32 or rooftop High 5 where you can splash out 260zł on an amber cocktail. While not particularly pricey, Tekstylia attracts a high end crowd, so mix with the local jet-set by heading there.

One word of warning wherever you head - the secret to surviving a nightout in the Tri-city is pace. Polish beer and vodka are rocket fuel and many bars and clubs stay open until dawn. And gentlemen be particularly careful if you somehow find yourself in a strip club. One in particular has been hitting the headlines after a string of customers accused them of charging astronomical amounts to their credit cards. Be careful.

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