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Dining in Gdańsk continues to improve and there are now a few restaurants which we receive regular positive emails about to the office. The figures in brackets denote the approximate price of the cheapest and dearest main course on the menu. The opening hours we list are flexible and are rough guidelines as to when you can expect the chef to be working. If business is slow people will have no qualms about shutting early particularly out of season. Service in general has improved considerably, although it can still be annoying slow. Also beware of using ‘thank you’ when paying for your bill. This is often taken to mean ‘Keep the change’.

In the meantime here are some tips depending on what you’re looking for. 


Check out the local Gdansk cuisine in Gdanska or try Kubicki for a modern take on traditional local dishes.
If it’s pierogi you want then the Familia Bistro does the best in our view. Goldwasser is one of our favourites with great food and a view over the river from their terrace. Check out their collectable sets of Goldwasser liquer. We’re by the sea so local also typically means fish. The best place to try some will be Targ Rybny or Tawerna.


The legendary Bar Pod Rybą does an excellent line in baked potatoes served with a wide choice of toppings while we love Nalesnikowo for pancakes and crepes. Alternatively take a step back in time and eat in one of the ‘Milk Bars’ where basic and very cheap food is served up in a pre-1989 atmosphere. 


Not just for couples but Filharmonia is one of the city’s standout restaurant both for food and wonderful views from their terrace or Wine Bar Literacka has a great menu, even greater selection of wine and a fantastic location in the shadow of St. Mary's.


Prices are still competitive compared to Scandinavia and Western Europe so nowhere is going to have you seeing stars. For a special occasion visit the city’s most historic restaurant in the former Der Lachs distillery, where Lech Walesa takes his foreign guests - Pod Lososiem, while you can enjoy a top class meal in quiet surroundings at Mercato

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