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Let's Gdańsk!

Let's Gdańsk!The Crane overlooking the Motlawa (copyright Goldwasser restaurant)
There’s a lot going on here in the Tri-city of Gdansk, Sopot and Gdynia in 2014, a year which has seen the city and the attractions for the visitor continue to develop extremely positively.

The start of March saw the World Indoor Athletics Championships come to the Ergo Arena on the Gdansk/Sopot border where we got to see some of the top athletes in the world perform in this new, state of the art venue. On September 19 the Shakespeare Theatre, a brand new building next to the old town, opened its doors (and roof) for performances while the 34th anniversary of the signing of the landmark August Accords between Solidarity  and the communist authorities was marked with the opening of the hugely impressive European Solidarity Centre.

And it’s not these and other scheduled large scale projects that fill us with optimism. New places owned or staffed by foreigners are reviving the centuries old tradition of Gdansk as the most cosmopolitan of Polish cities. The city always had strong foreign influences such as Scottish, Dutch, Flemish, German and Scandinavian (among others) and this tradition is being revived thanks to the foreign students in the city’s universities; members of the city’s business community; owners and chefs of the city’s restaurant and teachers and lecturers in the city’s educational community. The city's been open to the world for centuries but these days it seems more than ever. Poland and Gdansk are attracting people from all over the world and whether you're here for a short visit on business or pleasure or planning on sticking around a bit longer, the city is keen to impress.

And so are we. Whether you're reading this in our print issue or on our website remember you can now reach us via your mobile device either by downloading the tablet friendly electronic version of the print guide or via our specially adapted mobile site which shows you what's available and how to find it. With EU regulations reducing data roaming fee surcharges 2014 promises to be an interesting year for In Your Pocket. Remember if you are here from abroad after July 1, 2014 your carrier will only be allowed to charge you a capped rate for data roaming and this continues to be reduced. Don’t forget as well that free-access wifi is widely available both in venues and in the city itself so get online now and take a look at

And finally in this age of the smartphone and tablet don’t forget you can go to the iTunes store and download our iPhone app which, unlike many, is designed to work offline. Alternatively if your phone has run out of power, there is no Wifi where you are and your roaming package is costing you a fortune it’s all there in our compact A5 magazine (which also works as an umbrella in an emergency).

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