Flisak 76

A popular bar frequented by a friendly crowd on a less touristy, central Gdańsk street. Not much to look at, the reason to head to this underground bar is the choice of bottled Polish beer and an extensive list of old-school cocktails. We’ve long recommended Sopot as the place to spend evenings to experience bars like this, but Flisak has re-dressed the balance as witnessed by the loyal band of local regulars. A must-do on any old town pub crawl.

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Flisak 76 Comments

  • Nice friendly staff. Fantastic cocktails. They all look great and taste superb!! Great pub!
  • Flisak is the cultural and relax option in Gdansk. If you want to have a different night with good atmosphere and great beer this is the place. You will be surrounded by art of local artists and you may experience a live concert of very good music choice. This is a place you cannot miss while you are in Gdansk. Cool and different bar that will make your evening special.
  • Flisak 76 is a great bar with cool and atmospheric location interesting decor and music. My friend took me there and I really liked it. recommend this place for meeting with friends )
  • My favourite place in Gdansk! Very stylish& friendly with good choice of beer drinks and cocktails. Their unique choice of events ranging from live performances to art exhibitions supporting local artists makes it a place to remember and come back each time while I'm in Gdansk. They also invite extraordinary musicians from around the world.You can meet there ambitious positive young people.


Open 17:30 - 01:00, Fri, Sat 17:30 - 03:00.


ul. Chlebnicka 9/10, Gdańsk


(+48) 509 99 48 54


Wi-fi Outside seating Non-smoking

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