Park Handlowy Matarnia

Park Handlowy Matarnia
A 78,000m2 giant with over four million visitors each year the centre is built around the signature client - Swedish furniture giants - IKEA. The home improvements theme is supported by two huge stores, one specialising in DIY - Obi and the other an electronics store - Media Markt. But its not just about the home as you'll also find TK Maxx, KappAhl, H&M, Cubus, a huge Smyk toy story, C&A, EMPiK and supermarket Bomi  among the 57 stores. Located on the Tri-city ring road (Obwodnica) at the junction for Gdansk airport which is 2km away. There's parking for 2,000 cars and you can reach Matarnia by car or by buses 110, 126, 157 or B from the main train station in Gdansk.

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Open 10:00 - 21:00, Sun 10:00 - 20:00.


ul. Złota Karczma 26, Gdańsk


(+48) 58 769 94 44

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