The glories of Gdańsk's old town are known to all, and even the district of Oliwa, with its magnificent cathedral and its picturesque parkland, is cropping up in more and more tourist itineraries. Wrzeszcz, on the other hand, remains a bit of a destination non grata for all but the committed tourist. True, having a name that sounds like someone talking with sausages in their mouths does not help, but that's no reason to bypass this corner of the city. With a population of 65,000 this is Gdańsk's largest district and after years of decline is enjoying a phoenix like revival. Economically speaking the situation has never been rosier. The Manhatten Shoping Centre (see Shopping) has breathed life into the area, while the opening of another mall nearby, Galeria Baltycka, is further evidence of a suburb enjoying a boom. But mega-malls aside, there's more to investigate than one imagines.

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