Cracovian Breakfast

Cracovian BreakfastFor Śniadania (the Polish word for "breakfast") in Kraków, follow the finger...
A typical Polish breakfast (śniadania) usually consists of a cigarette and maybe a coffee or juice. Unlike some western countries where the direction of one's day seems to superstitiously depend on the ability to eat a good breakfast, here in PL the notion of 'starting the day right' with a fortifying meal hasn't completely caught on. In fact ask five Polish working girls what they've had to eat that day come 13:00, and you can bet at least three of them haven't had more than a cup of yoghurt, claiming they're 'just not hungry in the mornings.' Mm-hmm... Hard-pressed as you may be to find a proper breakfast in this town, fear not - they do exist and we've provided the details of the best below. Smacznego, champ.

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