Kraków Gifts & Souvenirs

Kraków Gifts & SouvenirsA souvenir stall in Kraków's Cloth Hall.

It's only natural to want to bring something back home from your time in Poland, as well as prove to those who have no idea where the country is that it does indeed exist. Also, if you plan on visiting or staying with a Polish family while here it's common courtesy to arrive with a gift. While there are chintzy souvenir shops all over the Old Town, the Mecca of them all is the centuries old Cloth Hall (open 09:00 - 20:00) in the middle of the market square. Essentially a huge souvenir market, in the packed stalls you'll find all sorts of Polish keepsakes including amber jewellery, carved wood, lace and cloth handicrafts and more. For a tourist market the quality is surprisingly high and the prices generally fair, so there's no shame in shopping there. Below we've listed more unique local or national Polish businesses where you can find attractive gifts and feel good about how you are spending your money at the same time.

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