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Located 17km west of the city centre, Kraków Airport was the subject of a one billion PLN investment, which resulted in the opening of a brand-new passenger terminal in September 2015. If you're familiar with Kraków's Airport from before renovations, the newly expanded and modernised T1 terminal now handles all airport operations, and T2 (the former Domestic terminal) has been closed for now.

The new T1 conveniently connects directly to the parking garage, the Hilton Garden Inn hotel next to it, and the new Balice train station via a skywalk leading straight into the terminal. Terminal 1 now boasts the full services and amenities of a modern airport, including ATMs and currency exchange, tourist information, restaurants and shops, new business lounges and VIP services. Note that car rental is now located in the multi-storey parking garage across from the terminal. Though some construction work is still on-going, getting through check-in and security should be relatively speedy; nonetheless, travellers should give themselves some extra time to negotiate any confusion or unexpected delays on the local roadways around the airport (if not taking the train).


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how would I get to : ul. Ciemna 13 from the airport? thank you!
Editor IYP
Hi Andy, Unless money is a huge issue (but we're only talking about a couple Euro here), yes, the train is the best option. The only reason not to take the train is if you are arriving late (after 23:00) and it's not running. You can easily walk from the train station to Mały Rynek. It's a lovely 10min walk.

Hi, I'm heading to the market square where my apartment is. I'd prefer to travel by bus from the airport, is it relatively easy to get a bus? Or, would anyone recommend a different transfer (train, taxi etc)? Thanks
United States
Hi, we are wanting to go straight from the Krakow airport to Oskar Schindler's Factory. Does the train go anywhere near the Plac Bohaterow Getta Square? Or do we need to get off at the Glowny and walk to Schindler's Factory? Thanks.
Editor IYP
Hi Kristy, your hotel is right in the centre, just minutes from the train station. The easiest, cheapest, fastest way to get to town from the airport is to just take the train (see above). You can easily walk to Szpitalna 7 from there, even if you're exhausted and not in very good shape.

Travelling to Krakow and have to get to Ulica Szpitalna 7/4 . What is the easiest way to get there from the airport?
Editor IYP
Hi Simon,Easiest and most expensive would of course be to take a taxi, but just take the train from the airport to the main train station (like everyone else), and then you are only a 15-minute walk through the Planty Park, or a few tram stops away. Once you get off the train, walk outside and across the plaza in front of Galeria Krakowska shopping mall to the 'Dworzec Główny' tram stop. From there you can take several trams 2 or 3 stops to get within 5mins walking distance of your hotel; for example trams 52 or 3 to the 'Starowislna' stop, or tram 10 to 'Wawel.' I recommend putting the hotel address into - an easy-to-use public transport website - for the most updated info on trams and so you can see the exact course from 'Dworzec PKP' (the train station) to the hotel.
South Coast, UK
Travelling to Krakow and have to get to hotel at Św. Sebastiana 12, Stare Miasto, Kraków, 31-049. What is the easiest way to get there?
Editor IYP
Hi Mick, this is an easy one. Seriously, your hotel is only a 5-minute walk from the train station, so just take the train from the airport to Kraków Główny (this is what everyone around you will also be doing), and walk from there. The train runs the same on Sunday as every other day: every 30mins between 04:00 and 24:00. If you arrive at 21:30 on Sunday, there's a train from the airport at 21:46. If you miss that, the next one is at 22:16. If you want confirmation of this info with your own eyes, just go to You can use this site to figure out how to get anywhere around Kraków using public transport. Enjoy Kraków.
mick lowbridge
wiltshire UK
Hi, I am travelling to Krakow on a Sunday arriving at around 21.30 and need to get to Laris Sp. z o.o., Warszawska 1/8, 31-155 Kraków. Can you tell me if the train/bus runs from the airport at this time on a Sunday and the best way to get to the hotel without having to use a taxi from airport. Thanks in advance. Mick
Editor IYP
Hi Keeley, We recommend you use to get up to the minute information that answers your question. If you want to avoid taking an overpriced cab from the airport, we recommend taking the airport train to Krakow Glowny train station and catching a cab from there; or taking tram 5 from Krakow Glowny to 'Bialucha' (3 stops) which is the closest tram stop to your hotel. It is a bit of a walk from there though (15mins/865m).
Great Britain
Hi, we are travelling to Kraków on Wednesday (family 2 adults and 2 children) having read the information about taxi's I was thinking of using public transport. We will be arriving into Balice at 20.15 so don't really want to be hanging around. Can you advise me of the best way to get the Hampton By Hilton hotel, Ul Dabaska 5, Kraków, 31572. Many thanks Keeley
Editor IYP
Hi David, Thanks for pointing that out. We've updated our info to include this. Cheers.
Great article with actual practical information! Thanks! One piece of information is missing, though, regarding ticket fares: "The airport is in Zone II, meaning you need to buy a 4/2zł fare from the ticket machine at the bus-stop or on-board the bus... ...for example both daytime airport buses stop at 'Plac Inwalidów' from which you can catch trams 8 or 13 to 'Teatr Bagatela', Wawel, and Kazimierz ('Stradom' and 'Plac Wolnica' stops)." The 4/2zl fare is a single-journey ticket, which does not include changing to another bus/tram line. If the bus gets you directly to your final destination - then that's fine. If you need to change to another bus/tram-line however, then you need to buy a multiple/short-term ticket for 5/2,50zl (valid for 60 Min.) or 6/3zl (valid 90 Min.). Source:
Editor IYP
Geoffrey: Neobus is easy to find. When you leave the international terminal(T1), look and turn to your right - the bus stop is there, just past the regular buses that go to the city centre, parked off to the right side of the road alongside the parking garage.
Hey guys ! I have to find the NEOBUS to go from airport to Katowice. Can anybody tell me where i can find the stop for this bus at the airport please ? Thanks !
Editor IYP
Hi Steve, You can either take a taxi or a bus. there are 2 airport buses - just take whichever one arrives first. If it's the 208, take it the 'Czarnowiejska' stop and transfer to bus 173 or 144, getting off at 'Ludwinów' (120 metres to hotel); travel time 1 hour. If it's the 292 bus, take it to the 'Cracovia' stop and transfer to bus 173, 144, 164, 169 or 179, all of which stop at 'Ludwinów;' total travel time 45mins.
Hi, Can anybody tell me how to get from the airport to Hilton Garden Inn Krakow, Marii Konopnickiej 33, 30-302 Kraków, Poland?
Small but quite pleasant airport, with helpful staff.
Christine Milner
We got a taxi for 7 people from the airport into town for 89 zloty which seems like a bargain but we did arrange it in advance. Although the terminal is quite small there are a lot of little shops once you are through passport control - there's plenty of choice for eating and there's also a cool gift shop with local handmade goods with lovely packaging - chocolates, preserves and the like.
Hello, could anyone help me about public transportation from Balice airport to Freedom Hostel in ul.pomorska 2,krowodrza? tram or bus, any advice will be really appreciated! Thank you!
Editor IYP
Hi Jane: There are two buses that run frequently from just outside the international arrivals terminal: buses 208 and 292. You can take either. If you take bus 292 get off at the stop 'Plac Inwalidów' and switch to tram 13 or tram 8, getting off at 'Filharmonia' - this puts you right outside the Radisson.If you take bus 208, get off at the last stop - 'Dworzec Głowny Wschód' and from there you can also switch to tram 8 or 13, which take you to 'Filharmonia'/ the Radisson.Which bus you take depends what time you arrive, and both trips may take 35-45mins. We strongly recommend getting the app Jakdojade for your mobile phone, especially if you're going to be using public transport frequently; it just makes travel easier to figure out.
hi, does anyone can give us a direction from Balice airport to the hotel Radisson blu in Krakow with public transport or tram. what number is to take? thanks
Lance Grundy
Great Britain
The journey to the central bus station costs 5zl [Zone 2] per person and takes about 45 minutes. You can buy a ticket for the bus from one of the touch screen machines at the bus stop [located about 20m down the road on the right hand side of the terminal]. Although these machines give change they are seldom able to change large notes so I'd recommend you make sure you have a 10 or 20zl note to hand or else get change from one of the shops in the arrivals hall before you exit. The 292 airport bus drops you off at the bus station alongside the top end of the Galeria Krakowska shopping centre. To get to the Old Town walk into the railway station [Glowny] and follow the signs for the 'Galeria Krakowska' shopping centre. You will enter the centre on the basement level at the end furthest away from the Old Town. There will be an electrical superstore called 'Saturn' on your right. To get into town you need to walk to the other end of the shopping centre and take the escalator up one floor. You then exit Galeria Krakowska through the main entrance onto the plaza. Depending on where you are staying in the Old Town it will take you 5-20 minutes to walk to your hotel or apartment from here. Alternatively you can catch a taxi on the main road located to your right.
Jacqui Kruzewski
Porthmadog, North Wales
Thank goodness I read your comments about Airport transport! I'm taking 2 friends next week (as a habitual visitor to Krakow friends hear about how wonderful it is and ask if they can come too!) and I usually rely on the train. At least I can book a taxi for the three of us. Thanks so much!
Editor IYP
Loving this quote from the airport's official website: "Due to the beginning of modernisation works of the Kraków Mydliniki – Kraków Balice railway line, trains from Kraków Airport to the Kraków City Center will be suspended starting from 1 February 2014. The local railway authorities and railway infrastructure management have decided not to provide replacement services." Thanks, boys.
Editor IYP
Hi Sue. This info currently on the airport website is misleading. The Krakow Mydlniki stop is not on the same line between the Krakow main train station and the Krakow Balice airport station, therefore, whether it is open or not, it doesn't effective transport between the centre of Krakow and the airport. This info doesn't appear on the same page of the Polish version of the airport's website, and we've actually suggested they remove it from this page of the English version since it is causing understandable confusion. We spoke to the people at the airport this morning and they assured us that the schedule on the website (seen here:,c70/transport-parking,c76/how-to-get-to-krakow-airport,c77/by-train,a199.html) will be valid until December 14th. So you should be fine. As it currently stands, the train is still the best option for getting to and from the airport from the centre of Krakow. Construction at the airport is having a bigger effect on vehicular traffic, and the train is probably a better option right now than taking a taxi.
Sunderland UK
Does the train go straight to the city centre and vice versa as it states on the airport page "Due to ongoing construction works, trains from Kraków Mydlniki to Kraków Balice (Kraków Airport) will be suspended from 20.10.2013. Alternative means of communication will be provided for passengers travelling to/from the airport. Departure times may change due to traffic disruptions." Does it just involve this station will train go straight to airport or will I have to use another option, we go on 03/12/13.
Shuttle Bus Krakow
Poland, Cracow
Train from airport Balice to City Centre is pretty expensive for several persons. If you want to get Hotel (3 or more persons), than cheaper is to get shuttle bus i.e.
Editor IYP
To Catherine: Just take the train. It is the easiest option. There is extensive construction at the airport presently, but from what I understand, you should still find the shuttle bus waiting just outside the international terminal entrance; this shuttle bus is free and takes you the very short distance to the train stop. Times are coordinated, so you can't miss the train if you get on this bus. On the train you will pay the conductor 12zł (good to have change). The train leaves you at the Krakow train station 20mins later. From there it is a very short walk (less than 10mins) to your apartment on Florianska street.
Catherine Easton
Ottawa, Canada
Arriving in Krakow about 7 p.m. in about 10 days time. Going to Florianska 39 apartments. Is bus or train best from airport? Which bus/train. thank you
Editor IYP
To Joy: Bus 292 runs about every 20mins and Bus 208 only once an hour. When you exit the international terminal the bus stop is to your right. The journey usually takes 35-40mins, but depends on traffic. The airport is in 'Strefa II'/Zone II so you should buy a single journey fare good for Zones I & II. It's 4zł and there's a machine at the stop (in English as well); or just buy a ticket from the driver. That said, the train is a much faster and more comfortable option if you don't mind paying extra.
Hey, sorry I am a little confused here, so if I can to get the bus from the airport to the Old Town , how long will that take me ? and how often is the bus ? will a 40 mins ticket enough ? Thanks
Editor IYP
To Vitalii: Unless you can get your bags super fast, you'd have to take Night Bus 902. Buy yourself a 40-minute public transport ticket for 3.80zł.
Vitalii Rozumnyi
Lviv, Ukraine
I arrive to Krakow on monday at 22.55 from Berlin. Is it possible to catch the buses 292 and 208 as you described above? And How much it cost?
Editor IYP
PL, Kraków
According to our website as well, you might have noticed. Yeah, we're aware that the prices went down again, that's why we update the prices in the text here constantly and leave our own snide comments for...the comments. Does the fact that the tickets suddenly went down 7zł (that's a big difference) make getting fleeced just before, during and after Euro 2012 more okay?So our suggestion (in the comments from 6 months ago) of splitting a cab isn't looking as good as it did. But that's why we update the description text and not reader comments when the quality of a restaurant improves or declines (for example). Hopefully the cost of the cab ride will also go down (yeah right).
According to the official airport website, the current cost is 12zl one way and 20zl return, with discounts for group travel.
Prices...welcome in an open market :)Let me explain something on prices in open market, does not count how much is the cost of the services...but how much the passengers are keen to pay!
Editor IYP
PL, Krakow
The fact that a train ticket to the airport costs 19zł is absolutely ridiculous (thanks Euro 2012!). The journey is only 20mins and could be done in 10mins if the track was renovated so it could travel faster than the current snail's pace. Exactly one year ago this trip only cost 10zł (though we remember when it was 4zł a few years ago), and they outright doubled it for the EURO. Criminal.Do the math and you only need 4 people to make the better, faster, more convenient option of taking a cab from the airport (69zł) cheaper as well. As a result, if there are two of you, convince another couple to share a cab and everybody wins. In fact you might see couples outside the terminal looking to do exactly this. It makes good sense.
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