Gdańsk Główny Train Station

Gdańsk Główny Train Station
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Gdańsk Główny Train Station Comments

  • I need a train to Krakow #5310; I am driving a rental car from Slupsk. Is it better to leave from Gdynia or from Gdansk? Is there a place to drop the rental car near both train stations?
  • There are no direct trains from Gdansk to Kaunas (Kowno) and going via other cities will involve a near 24-hour journey. The best way to reach Kaunas from Gdansk is by coach. The route is run by a company called Inter-Bus and they can be reached on (+48)58 306 48 43. The Polish train company have an infoline on (+48)22 511 60 03.
  • Hi. I need a train from Gdansk to Kaunus on June 7 2011 in the morning. Please advise if it's possible


Open 24hrs. Note that due to system maintenance seat reservations cannot be made from 00:00 to 01:00.


ul. Podwale Grodzkie 1, Gdańsk


(+48) 22 39 19 757 (from foreign mobile phones)

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