Facts & Figures


Poland covers an area of 312,685 square kilometers and is the ninth biggest country in Europe. It borders the Baltic Sea and seven countries, namely the Baltic Sea (528km), Belarus (416km), Czech Republic (790km), Germany (467km), Lithuania (103km), the Russian exclave of Kaliningrad (210km),Slovakia (539km) and, Ukraine (529km).

Longest River

The river Vistula (Wisła) is Poland's longest river at 1,047km and flows through Kraków and Warsaw before reaching the Bay of Gdańsk (Zatoka Gdańska). Gdańsk sits on the Motława river which reaches the Baltic via the Martwa Wisła.

Highest Point

The highest peak in the country is Rysy (2,499m above sea level) which can be found in the Tatry mountains in the south of the country.

Population (2014)

Poland - 38,502,396
Warsaw - 1,729,119
Kraków - 759,800
Łódź - 708,554
Wrocław - 633,105
Poznań - 546,829
Gdańsk - 461,935
Katowice - 294,889
Gdynia - 247,792
Sopot - 31,683

Local Time

Poland is in the Central European (CET) time zone (GMT+1hr). When it’s 12:00 in Warsaw it’s 11:00 in London, 12:00 in Paris and Berlin and 19:00 in Tokyo. Polish summer time (GMT+2hrs) starts and ends on the last Sundays of March and October.

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