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Those foolhardy enough to face the supernatural should consider a spot of ghost hunting. The former Royal Castle (C-1, Góra Przemysła) is the place you need to head to after dark. It’s here you may have the surprise of spotting ‘the white lady’, Ludgarda, the wife of Duke Przemysł II. Allegedly murdered in her bathtub by servants in 1283, some stories claim her death was ordered at the behest of her husband. Nowadays her ghost is said to roam what remains of the castle, sometimes with the figure of a ‘black knight’ next to her, apparently a man who was spotted crying at her funeral. There’s more chance to see phantoms if you head outside Poznań. Take for example the story of Halszka, a woman kept captive in a tower by her jealous husband. Forced to wear an iron mask during her fleeting trips to mass she ended her days insane, and nowadays her demented wailings can be heard haunting the tower of Szamotuły Castle, 30 kilometres north west of Poznań. Finally, check out Łagów Castle halfway between Poz and Berlin. The spooky likeness of former castle commander Andreas von Schlieben was first spotted here in 1820 when the president of the Poznań Treasury saw the ghostly shape of the knight engulfed in flames standing at the foot of his bed. Since then he’s been spotted several times, though only in spring and summer, and only by men. Best of all, the castle is now a hotel, and weird guests even have the choice of opting for a night in the ‘torture room’. Fitted with a huge solid wood bed this is every gimp's dream and comes complete with clunky manacles suspended from the walls and other scary bits and pieces.

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